The prompt made me think of that korean teacher’s mirror. End of pointless comment.


The Test:

I was told that on the test, I didn’t miss that ┬ámany at the beginning, but missed a lot more at the end. I’m not very surprised by this, all my tests follow this trend a little bit, but not quite as bad. Usually on tests, by the end of the test I’ve lost a lot of my ability to focus and start bubbling the first thing that comes to mind. That was probably a lot worse on this test because all the questions require a lot of more thorough thinking, and in many cases, there are 2 answers that are “correct” and you need to pick the “more correct” answer. Ironically, I also think that because I studied throughout lunch… it made my grade lower! Throughout both of the periods I was starving because I hadn’t had breakfast that morning either, and I think that it hurt my ability to think and focus also. If it didn’t hurt my grade I would probably enjoy a pleasant ride on the lollercoaster thinking about how studying more actually hurt my grade, but unfortunately, that is not the case.


The Project:

Everyone pulled their weight and we had a fantastic group overall, but a certain person, who will be referred to as KP from this point, was just extraordinary. Not only did he complete his share of the work, but whenever he thought something could be done better, even if it meant him taking on a bigger personal workload, he would volunteer himself to do it. As you can probably tell, KP has some pretty bueno computer skills. As a group, we recommended AJ and Clayton to do a Google Sketchup rendering of the school, KP who was already a Sketchup whiz (no one was surprised) volunteered himself for the job even though it wasn’t his committee. Same thing for the movie, the original plan was for the clips to be edited together with Movie Maker, instead KP volunteered to do it, turns out he’s an expert user of Adobe Premier Pro CS5, and Adobe After Effects (that sun graphic at the end was made with After Effects). He was really enthusiastic about the assignment and helped out group stand out from the rest. I absolutely cannot ┬áthink of another person in this class or any other that deserves 100 on this project any more than KP.

One thought on “Reflection

  1. ALWAYS eat before a test. Seriously – even when you’re in college and don’t want to follow anyone’s advice, grab a granola bar or something. Your body sends blood where it’s most needed. If you’re hungry, the blood goes to your gurgling stomach in the hopes of digesting something rather than to your brain taking the test.

    The other thing — don’t be afraid to just stand up and stretch half way thorough the test. It’ll help you re-focus. Keep your eyes on your own paper, of course, but it really CAN help to stand up and stretch and re-focus. You’ll get there!

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